Silk Printing Equipment

For silkprinting glass in automotive, architectural and other applications, we are pleased to offer the following range of equipment and accessories :

For the Silkprinting Process

  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic printers, for different print sizes and capacities, with pantograph or tilting frame support and sliding squeegees :
  •  IR or UV drying systems for various drying capacities.
  •  Drying racks for air-drying printed glass.
  •  Squeegee sharpeners, motorized.
  •  Silkwashing equipment, with solvent distillers and fume extraction, for automatic or manual washing of silks.
  •  Print thickness meters
  •  Silk tension testers
  •  Ink viscosity gauges.
  •  Ready-made, frame - mounted silks for automotive glass printing
 AUTOMATIC 1/2, 3/4, full  1/2, 3/4, full 
 SPEED slowhigh medium 
 PRINTING AREAlarge small medium/large 

For Silk Preparation

  •  Copying frame
  •  Lamps
  •  Washing basin and high pressure pumps
  •  Silk-drying cabinet
  •  Vertical, double - sided emulsion coating machines
  •  Films for automotive glass printing
  •  Pneumatic mesh-tensioning system