Desktop Polarimeter System, PS-100
The PS-100 is a modular instrument with a wide range of accessories, which enables a full range of
measurement tasks, such as:
  •  Photoelastic stress analysis
  •  Stress measurement in float, annealed, laminated or tempered glass products.
  •  Quality control and process control
  •  Measurement of residual strain, orientation and birefringence.
In addition to the stress repartition on the sample, the PS-100 also gives a direct quantitative readout of the
stress at any point of interest.

Model options and accessories

There are 5 ready made package systems available :
  • PS-100-BS Basic plane polarisation only system.
  • PS-100-SF Versatile plane/circular polarisation system.
  • PS-100-LF Large Field system.
  • PS-100-RD R&D system, with a specimen stage.
  • PS-100-MW Glass slice testing system.
And for more specific work the following options can be included: Microscopes, tint plates, measuring wedges, immersion cells, camera adapters …