Portable Spectrophotometer KVLM-A


The KVLM-A is a portable spectrophotometer designed for in situ measurement of transmission in the visible wavelength range (luminous transmission). Its hand-held design and compact size allow measurement at the test sample without any size limitations. Profiling a test sample by multiple measurements across the sample is easily performed. The instrument can also be integrated into stationary measurement set-ups.

The KVLM-A offers 2 different light source options:

  • CIE Standard Illuminant A
  • CIE Standard Illuminant D65


By integrating the 2 light source options, the KVLM-A is suitable for use in:

  • process control
  • incoming inspection as well as in research and development for measurement of the efficiency antireflection coatings
  • influence of interference effects to transparency
  • legal conformity of window transmission (ECE R43)
  • any spectrophotometer application in the visible wavelength range where mobility or compact size is required