Sparklike Laser

For gas measurement in IGU's


Sparklike Laser is a new innovation that is coming commercially available in 2015. It’s based on laser technology (TDLAS) operating in 760nm range. Sparklike Laser measures oxygen, and therefore the result can be converted to argon and krypton just as well as xenon. Gasglass Laser opens a whole new world to online gas detection for IG manufacturers, because it’s possible to gain superior quality by measuring more units than ever before. This results to higher quality assurance of products leaving the plant.

MEASURE DOUBLE COATED AND TRIPLE IG  - Measure more insulated glass.


Unlike  any  other  IG  gas  fill  analyzer,  Gasglass  Laser  measures  gas concentration  on  triple  and  double  glazed  units  through  coatings  and laminations.  Thanks to advances in  technology, it  is  now  possible  to measure more products produced - all without breaking the unit or having extra components inside.

PRODUCTION LINE INSTALLATION - Monitor your quality online

The intelligent analysis system is running on PC software, and thus, can be built to work as a part of the production line. It is then possible to measure more products and receive up-to-date information on your production – even for extended period of time. You also get accurate thickness measurements of the produced insulating glass units. Please ask for consultation on how to install the analyzer as a part of your production line.