Wiring Machine, drum

PSW Wiring machine fixes sinus shaped-heating wires on PVB sheet in a continuous process.

The machine is composed of:

  • steel cylinder on which PVB sheets are fixed
  • a horizontal sledge paralel to cylinder surface for movement of wiring head/heads
  • 1-12 wiring heads with NC-controlled
    • bending of tungsten wire into sinus shape with patented pinwheel method
    • heating and fixing the wire on PVB
  • control box

Technical data

Max PVB size: 1500 x 3000 mm

Min thickness of tungsten wire: 17 micron, 12 micron optionally

Drum speed: 50 m/min

Machine dimensions and power connection

Welded steel frame:

Height: 2000 mm

Width: 1500 mm

Length: 3000 mm

Compressed Air: 6 bar

Electric supply: 230/400V - 50 Hz 3 phase +N+E // Drum 5kW, 20A // Vacuum pump 15kW, 60A