SMF Shaping Machine


The SMF machine shapes the PVB interlayer to the desired curvature or stretches it to optimal thickness within the quality requirements of the windscreen. It is adapted for shaping

  • clear, tinted and top-shaded interlayer
  • refrigerated and interleaved PVB
  • PVB up to 1200 mm wide
  • to the curvature of a minimum radius of 2100 mm
  • with the speed of 3 m/min ( SMF 3 ) or 6m/min ( SMF 6 )

The flexible operation and adjustment of the machine permits shaping for short production series.


The shaping process takes advantage of the thermoplastic properties of PVB.

The interlayer is drawn from the roll through the heating, stretching and pre-cooling zones of the machine.

The process is PLC controlled. The settings for production parameters, e.g. curvatureangle or production speed can easily be adjusted  or changed without interruption of the process.


The SMF machine is of a compact construction and can be installed in any dust-free area of the factory, with an ambient temperature of 20+-2ºC and RH of 25-30 %. For higher ambient temperatures the machine can be provided with a special controllable cooling system.

The basic machine is provided with

  • solid aluminium profile structure
  • no painted surfaces
  • individually PLC-controlled infrared radiators, which are ­automatically ­adjusted according to the desired ­temperature profile
  • an automatic PVB temperature monitoring system
  • HMI touch panel for the display of process parameters for the display of temperature profile and other parameters
  • temperature profile registration and recall from hard disk
  • patented system for shaping pigment-coloured top-shade ( U.S. pat., EUR. pat )
  • trolley for PVB roll
  • automatic interleaf rolling-out device


  • antistatic treatment of PVB
  • controllable cooling system for installation in high ambient temperature
  • working widths of 1000 and 1500 mm

Specifications             SMF 3 -1250          SMF 6 -1250

Maximum working width: 1250 mm                 1250 mm
Operating speed:            3 m / min                6 m / min

Main dimensions :

width:                           2400 mm                 2400 mm
length:                          1400+800 mm          2500 mm
height:                          2300 (2700) mm      2300 (2700) mm

Installed power:              35 kW                     75 kW
Voltage:                        230 / 400 V, 50 Hz, 5 wire system ( other voltages on request )