Relaxation Module REL

REL is a relaxation unit for the continuous PVB SHAPING AND CUTTING LINE. PVB film, treated in the shaper, obtains its final shape and dimensions during a relaxation time of about ½ h. After the shaper PVB runs to REL, where it can freely relax, proceeding simultaneously to the cutter.

REL can also be used individually as a buffer of stretched or shaped PVB interlayer, which can be left in the stationary REL and then cut at a later stage. The working width of REL is 1250 mm.

Specifications               REL 3 - 1250              REL 6 - 1250)

Maximum working width:  1250 mm                       1250 mm
Operating speed,
synchronised with SMF:    3 m/min                         6 m/min

Main dimensions :

width:                           2100 mm                       2100 mm
height:                          2500 mm                       2500 mm
length:                          4000 mm                       6000 mm
( other lengths on request )

Installed power: 1 kW
Voltage    240/400 V, 50 Hz, 5 wire system ( other voltages on request )