2-head Manual Soldering Machine
2-head manual soldering machine is an economic solution for soldering connectors of any shape to any location on the backlite. Any pre-soldered or laminated connectors can be used.

It is well adapted for flexible production as well as for using as a back-up unit for automated soldering systems. It gives excellent results and reliable soldering quality.


The equipment is a light-weight mobile unit with compact construction. The workstation is a table, where the glass is positioned and fixed.

The soldering heads, mounted on articulated arms, with two tungsten electrodes, are individually, manually controlled, which enables soldering in any position in any angle on the glass.


Soldering time : 4-5 sec
Cooling time : 10 sec
Total weight : 130 kg
Electric supply : 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air : 6 bar
Dimensions :

  • H    1500 mm
  • W    1300 mm
  • L    1100 mm