Manual, PANT

Glass size up to 2400 x 4000

Easy to use silkprinting machine with pantograph opening system which facilitates loading, positioning andunloading of the glass.
  •  Practical, rigid screen holder ;
  •  Frame support equipped with counterweights ( pneumatic cylinders on larger machines ) for effortless movement ;
  •  Electromagnetic blocking of the frame during the printing cycle to ensure higher precision ( activation of the electromagnets either with a pedal or with a bar placed at knee level ) ;
  •  Smooth movement of the squeegee along the calibrated bar ;
  •  Reversible air flotation/vacuum for easy centering and locking of the glass. Automatic switch from air flotation to vacuum upon descent of the frame support ;
  •  Optional retractable castor balls for easier manouvering of heavy glass
  •  The flat and smooth printing table is made of anodized aluminium ( PANT/A ).