Local Bow and Roller wage gauge RWG-D

Roller wave gauge RWG-D is designed to evaluate the flatness of glass, local bow or so called roller-wave fault.

It is a simple and practical, easy to operate tool.


Surface waviness deforms reflected images. The resulting distortion can be evaluated by the optical power that changes along the wavy glass sheet.


For local bow measurement the supports are adjusted 300 mm apart from each other, for wave distortion the distance of the supports is adjusted according to wavelength or roller pitch. Only for vertically tempered or heat strengthened glass in Europe (EN 12150 and EN 1863


Key Features :


  • Easy to use
  • Precision digital display
  • Can be connected to a PC with optional USB cable.


Enables the measurement of 

  • Out-of-plane deformation W ( in mm or inch )
  • Roller wavelength L ( in mm or inch )
  • Optical distortion D ( in mdpt )

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